April 05, 2009

February Lady Sweater

In June of 2008, Pamela Wynne decided to make an adult-size version of the February Baby Sweater, a fairly popular Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. As internet fads tend to do, this spread like wildfire, propelled by knitting networking sites, such as www.ravelry.com. I spent several months looking for the perfect yarn. It had to be a jewel tone, I had to get enough of the yarn for under $20, gauge had to be perfect, and I kinda wanted a tweed.

Eventually I found a lovely tweedy yarn on sale, purchased slightly more than enough for the sweater, and knitted feverishly at my current WIP, trying to get it done before the yarn arrived.

I cast on December 12, 2008. I hated the tweedy bits of the yarn, so I spent forever picking them out (probably close to 20 hours total). I went down a needle size after 16 repeats on the sleeves (4 mm) knit 9 more repeats, and went down another needle size for the garter edging (3.75 mm)
Also used the 4 mm needle for the garter edging on the bottom of the body.

Buttons are vintage, from my grandma’s button bin, but were originally from a coat my grandpa’s mother used to wear, probably 50’s or 60’s. I should try and get a closeup of them at some point.
I love this sweater, it manages to be warm while still being stylish. I'm glad there's an approaching cold snap this week, it will give me another chance to wear it.

Trial Run

For those of you that know me, blogging is the ladder rung directly below "returning emails." In other words, if I have better things to do, it isn't going to happen. So this is the beginning of an experiment. I propose to attempt to blog once or twice a week until my birthday rolls around in August. If I'm still regularly updating at that point (and perhaps have made it a habit. One can hope.) this blog will go "public," i.e. I actually let people know about it. If things go well, it might happen sooner than that, but I make no promises.

Prepare yourself for knitting content, with a splash of espresso, occasionally flavored with anecdotes that may or may not be amusing to anyone but me. Enjoy.