April 05, 2009

February Lady Sweater

In June of 2008, Pamela Wynne decided to make an adult-size version of the February Baby Sweater, a fairly popular Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. As internet fads tend to do, this spread like wildfire, propelled by knitting networking sites, such as www.ravelry.com. I spent several months looking for the perfect yarn. It had to be a jewel tone, I had to get enough of the yarn for under $20, gauge had to be perfect, and I kinda wanted a tweed.

Eventually I found a lovely tweedy yarn on sale, purchased slightly more than enough for the sweater, and knitted feverishly at my current WIP, trying to get it done before the yarn arrived.

I cast on December 12, 2008. I hated the tweedy bits of the yarn, so I spent forever picking them out (probably close to 20 hours total). I went down a needle size after 16 repeats on the sleeves (4 mm) knit 9 more repeats, and went down another needle size for the garter edging (3.75 mm)
Also used the 4 mm needle for the garter edging on the bottom of the body.

Buttons are vintage, from my grandma’s button bin, but were originally from a coat my grandpa’s mother used to wear, probably 50’s or 60’s. I should try and get a closeup of them at some point.
I love this sweater, it manages to be warm while still being stylish. I'm glad there's an approaching cold snap this week, it will give me another chance to wear it.

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